”I WAS READY TO GIVE UP. I needed to file a Small Claims case against a Business so I called Jeff Dunn who took care of the paperwork, filed & served it. I heard about Jeff from a colleague in my office who had used him before with great results. After speaking with him I felt very comfortable. And boy was it a great decision because after giving him a little information Jeff was able to serve the Agent for Service of the Company the 1st time out. And Yes, I won my case. I have since referred others who needed his services and they are believers too.

Thanks Jeff for your awesome service.”


Linda McWilliams,

Rowland Heights, CA, Temecula CA

“I SHOULD HAVE USED YOU FROM THE BEGINNING. You handle yourself very well and professionally. The Defendant called me right after you served her and told me how respectful you were in taking her aside privately. She can be very short tempered but after speaking with you and explaining the process very calmly made her more understanding. The case went very smoothly and I won. Thank you very, very much.”

Kevin Jameson, West Covina, CA

“THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR US. My wife and I were very frustrated that a friend we had loaned money to had not kept the promise he made to pay back a loan we gave him. My wife was in tears after all the time and money we had wasted. A few days later I bumped into an old friend from college at a restaurant. We sat together and caught up on the past. During our conversation I told him about the problem we were having. He told me he had a friend that had the same problem but used Jeff Dunn to prepare, file and serve his Small Claims document with great success. He said he would call his friend to get Jeff’s number for me. My wife and I spoke with Jeff and were very impressed. He took care of everything and all we had to do is show up for our Court date and time and the rest is history. Jeff was able to serve the document within days after filing the prepared Small Claims document. The Defendant showed up to court. While at court we were able to find out where he worked. After we won our case we told the defendant that we were about to do a wage garnishment, he asked us to follow him to the bank and paid us everything he owed us.  We will never be able to thank you enough for the great service you provided.”

Jacob & Rebecca Durston, Rancho Cucamonga, CA   

(909) 549 - 2977

Mon - Fri  9:00 am - 9:00 pm

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