PLEASE FILL OUT THE INFORMATION BELOW. Once complete, we will transfer your provided information to the Plantiff’s Claim & Order (SC-100) form, please go to the PayPal button to complete payment (If you are writing a check services do not start until check has cleared bank). Before we file with the court we will have you check SC-100 form for accuracy. Once you approve please print, sign and email form back to will let you know that we have received your form to file with the court. Once filed, We will email to you you’re stamped filed copy. Your receipt will be the file & stamped copy which will show the fee you paid for our services. We will make copies to serve to the defendant.


If it will be easier for you, we could arrange to pick-up your signed and completed documents from your home or work as long as pick-up is within our service area. Please call (909) 549-2977 to make arrangements.


You could also drop your completed forms at our Postal Location:

Postal Express (Ask for Lou or Jason)

10808 Foothill Bl #198

Rancho Cucamonga, ca 91730

Please call (909) 549-2977 to make arrangements

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